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Success Jump Start: Your Marketing Arsenal

The Marketing Book

Whether your online marketing machine needs a referral engine tune up or a complete search marketing overhaul, we’ve got the tips, tools and tutorials you’re going to need in Success Jump Start. Instead of chasing after the latest marketing buzzwords, we focus on providing our members with time proven promotional strategies designed to position your business so potential clients will find you first when they need your services.

Our constantly evolving arsenal focuses on the key areas of effective marketing for solo and small firms:

Web Jump Start: Your Success Online

Web Jump Start

No matter how simple or sophisticated your online marketing strategy happens to be, the chances are that you’re always looking for opportunities to improve web presence. Our Web Jump Start offers members a comprehensive audit of online positioning across each of the major platforms that keep you up at night. Visit the Jump Start Toolbox for a variety of applications offering great solutions to some of the most common internet marketing challenges. 

Website Audits & Web Ranking Reports

Website Audits

By joining, you will receive a Website Ranking Report every 90 days telling you how you’re doing in the main search engines for the most important keywords for your niche.

The website report is a laser profile of the member’s key website search engine metrics and includes the site’s ranking in the top three search engines for up to 5 keywords selected by the member.

We also offer a comprehensive Web Jump Start audit that is available to both members and guests. It gets to the roots of what’s working and what isn’t for your website. Whether you are trying to improving your conversion rate, rank higher in search engine results or simply attract more attention to your brand, your website audit will provide you with the information and recommendations you’ve been looking for.


Our Special Finds: The Top Tools & Multimedia

Multimedia Links: Our Special Finds

In addition to all of the tips, tools and tutorials we’ve put together for our members at Top Marketing Tools, we’re also proud to provide you with a showcase of our latest “special finds”–other interesting Tools,  Multimedia Links and more. From the top blogs and forums to all of the major social media platforms, our elves have been busy searching the far corners of the web to find the very best material to help you move to the next level. Start exploring now in the following featured areas:

  • Jump Start Toolbox: powerful web based applications available for accomplishing the tasks you’ll face every day building your online presence.
  • Top Web Analytics Tools: Drill down your sites performance and find out what to improve by focusing on what matters most.
  • Top Website Conversions Tools: Find out how your visitors perceive and interact with your website so you can identifying where your losing them in your conversion funnel.

Community Cafe

Community Cafe and Forum

Just because you’re out there working on your own doesn’t mean you’ve got to be alone. We’ve created the Community Cafe to provide our Marketing Hub members and guests with an opportunity to connect, network and share. Keep an eye on our Job Board for employment and freelance opportunities. Visit our Member Spotlight to find out how our featured members are using different strategies to think big and reach their goals.

Exclusive Newsletters

Our marketing hub members also receive niche community newsletters from us in their inbox. Each serves its own purpose. Our free Success Tools newsletter contains just-in-time tips, tools and refreshers designed to help you stay both informed, including our latest top special finds. Paying members also receive our Top Marketing Tools newsletter provides niche community marketing news (often with concise “3-minute tutorials”) that will keep you abreast of the latest marketing methods and developments you need to stay ahead of the curve.