Depending on your niche as a professional service provider, creating and maintaining a Facebook page for your business can serve as an excellent resource for generating leads and building a reputation in both your community and your industry. However, it’s important to have a game plan when it comes to combining practice marketing and social media campaigns like these so that you don’t end up with an empty ghost town of a page with a handful of likes and no recent updates. Here’s some basic Facebook fan page tips to ensure that your page is engaging as possible and positioned to attract your ideal target audience.

Selecting Great Profile Photos

By default, Facebook automatically selects a few of the photos that you have posted to the wall of your fan page and features in a highly visible strip at the top of your page. Instead of random photos, Facebook also gives admins the option to select five top photos to be featured in this area. Take a moment to find some great pics that are relevant to your practices and brand, then delete the photos that you don’t want to feature by navigating to Photos => Select Photos.

Displaying Your Featured Likes

Selecting a few of your top Likes to feature on your practice’s Facebook fan page is a great way to draw attention to your other Facebook campaigns or some of your most important strategic partners. Featuring some thought leaders in your region or niche on your page is also a great way to get the attention of potential partners who might respond in kind by promoting you in their own social network. Simply click on Edit Page on your fan page, navigate to Featured => Edit Featured Likes and pick the accounts you would like to promote.

Revealing Your Page Owners

Let your potential fans see some of the faces behind your brand by activating the Page Owners display option for Facebook fan page. This feature simply shows the names and profile pics of the administrators of your fan page and is an element that every practice with a highly personalized brand needs to incorporate into their page. This element can be activated under the same Featured settings menu as Featured Likes.

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