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Marketing Jump Start: Laser-Paced Training

Ready to kick your online marketing engine into overdrive? Our Marketing Jump Start program is designed to provide you with the tips and tutorials you need to create and execute an energizing marketing strategy with over a ten day period consisting of highly focused hour long cramming sessions.

When you’ve Top joined Marketing Tools, you’ll automatically be enrolled in Marketing Jump Start and start receiving your laser marketing training courses immediately. Members receive a pair of daily emails containing information, links and exercises for creating actionable, measurable progress until their Marketing Jump Start program is complete.

Once a year, we also release a special edition training module designed to help members tackle a single aspect of small business marketing that has been getting a lot of attention, such as local search or information-based marketing.

For an example of the type of content and format that you can expect to receive by enrolling in Marketing Jump Start, take a look at the featured training module provided below:

Sample Featured Post

Local Search Basics and Building a Local SEO Foundation

Welcome to Lesson 1 of Top Marketing Tool’s Local Search Jump Start program!

If you are tuning in today, you’re no doubt already well aware of how crucial local search marketing has become for promoting your practice.

Today we’ll be focusing on two key topics:

At the bottom of this module, you will find some simple exercises that will help you to get started putting the materials that we’ve discussed to work for you right away. We’ve also included some links to some supplemental reading materials that we suggest checking out in order to learn a little bit more about local search.

Over the course of the next few lessons, we’ll be diving right into what you need to do in order to promote your business as a local listing on each of the three major search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo. Each of these services have their own methods of listing and indexing local business, and we’ll cover their free and premium options for getting your site recognized with each search engine as quickly as possible.

Sample Daily Resources/Exercises

  • Activity 1: Spend 10 minutes or so researching geographically targeted long tail keywords using the keyword research tool of your choice. If you don’t have much experience with hands on keyword research, the Google Adwords keywords tool is a great place to start. What you are looking for is one or two keyword phrases that include both your professional service and your city or region that have a respectable ratio of regular search queries to low competition.
  • Activity 2: Take the most promising long tail keyword that you can find and incorporate it into the meta description of your site as well as the content of your home page. Just be sure to use your keyword naturally and not engage in keyword stuffing.
  • Activity 3: Conduct a brainstorming session identifying opportunities for local link building. Everything from your local chamber of commerce to review websites present opportunities for link building that can give you the bump you may need for a higher placement in local search results.

Supplemental Reading Material

We will focused on working with the major search engines themselves for the rest of this program, but it worth noting that your site’s content itself has a lot to do with how where your site appears in search results. The links below have some great information about building powerful local content, as well as local inbound links.

Localized Links

Search Engine Journal: Local Link Building Tool Search Engine Watch: Link Building for Local Search Search Engine Land: What Google’s Place Page Means to Local Link Building

Localized Content

Search Engine Watch: Local SEO Takes Center Stage TBS Media: Local Content and Your Internet Marketing Success Search Engine Journal: Local Content Aggregator Submission to Google