Ask 100 good salespersons and the vast majority will tell you that making a sale is about establishing “trust” in the mind of the prospective client.  When you are attempting to sell something through your blog, for example, you can use it as a great opportunity to get your audience to know and trust you.

Your blog is one way potential clients find you and quickly decide whether they will invest further time with you. If you quickly begin to establish a trustworthy relationship, they will find you a valuable potential resource for their immediate or future needs.

Trustworthiness has to do with the prospect’s perception of your character but also your credibility in your professional field. (“Her training and experience will be valuable to solving my problem.”)

But remember that “being trustworthy” is not enough.  You must demonstrate and “prove” your trustworthiness in ways that is easy for your prospects to grasp and understand.

What trust symbols can you use? (BBB?) What “evidence” can you provide? (Prior case results or problems solved?)