chess pieceIn today’s practice marketing landscape, entrepreneurs have to catch on quick that the days of laying on the hard sell with your marketing materials are over. As a growing number of professional services are turning to education-based marketing to attract potential clients, it’s more important than ever to know when and how to promote your practice without turning off your audience.

The general rule of thumb for marketing professional services is to include a healthy dose of around 80% useful content to compensate for 20% traditional marketing campaigns. Whether readers are reaching your website from search engines, organic links or social media, they are nearly always looking for some specific information related to your practice. The more accessible you make the information your visitors are looking for, the more receptive they will be to the actual professional services that your services has to offer.

When you are creating educational content for your business’s website, it is essential that you include a compelling call to action at some point near the end of your article or post. These calls to action can vary depending on what it is that you want potential clients to do, whether it is subscribe to a newsletter, contact your practice or simply click through to your services page to find out how your service can help improve their lives.

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