When you are a promoting a high end professional service to a relatively untapped target market, one of the biggest challenges that you face as the new kid on the block is proving the value of your service to your audience. While your long term goal for success is to create a name for yourself in your industry through professional networking and high quality referrals, a well-designed, education-based marketing campaign is often one of the best ways to break through to the public and establish yourself as a respected thought leader for your niche.

Time after time, professional service entrepreneurs have found themselves able to break into their industry with lightning speed by creating an affordable and educational information product that encompasses all the best of what they have to offer at a relatively low cost point. In terms of professional services marketing, an information product is an educational product that provides highly valuable and usable information that is demonstrates the value of a firm or practice’s expertise. For example, a legal firm might promote their services through a law practice marketing campaign by offering free or low priced information products such as:

  • Books
  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Pamphlets
  • White Papers
  • Focus Groups
  • Blog Posts
  • And More

While the end goal of distributing information products as part of your education-based marketing campaign is to generate interest in your professional services, very little emphasis is placed on a hard sell in this approach to practice marketing. Instead, these products serve to position you as the first firm or practice that your contacts think of when it they are in a position to purchase a high end service for a highly trusted service.

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