12 different types of linksYou already know how important link building is to drawing relevant traffic and improving your site’s rankings in the search engine results. You might not be as familiar with the 12 different types of links that are out there, and each of them should play a slightly different role in your link building campaign.

Authority Links

Authority links are links from sites that get a high amount of traffic (referred to as authority sites). This type of link is essential to gaining trust in the eyes of search engines. However, they require a lot of hours of work in order to build a foundation. Do it! These are important!

Reciprocal Links

Although it’s a common misconception that reciprocal links are dead, they are not. Relying solely on this link type is what died. These links occur naturally as you network and make new business friends.

Directory Links

Google Adwords would be the most popular example of a directory link. So it will cost some money to get this type of link. Go ahead and do it. However, don’t go overboard. A 10% ratio is the highest you want to go.

Backlinks from Networked and Related Sites

This is another common type of link. Backlinks are one way links that lead from one site, back to your website. Start making new friends and networking. Then maybe you can talk someone into posting a link on their site.

.Edu and .Gov Links

As the name implies, these are links from either .edu or .gov sites. Although search engines don’t put a special emphasis on these sites, the normally have higher trust scores. Therefore, getting backlinks from them is a good way to boost your rankings.

Run of Site Links

Otherwise known as ROS links, this type of link can hurt search engine rankings. However, if most of your ROS links are from unique domains, then it won’t hurt. The best way to balance this out is to to use ROS links is to only use 2nd tier keywords that are only possibilities – since ROS links can really hurt a site.

Media Links

These are links from radio stations, magazines, and newspapers. Normally, you have to buy advertising from these places. However, sometimes there are journalists looking to write stories on related topics. If you let them write about your products or services, then they will link back to your site.

Press Release Links

There are many sites that offer press release submissions. The trick is to find trusted sites and write press releases concerning your new products.

Presale Page Links

This is the least common type of link and requires some tricky negotiating. However, you can sometimes buy presale pages.

Article Links

Article submission is perhaps the most popular form of getting links to a website. However, for the trust score to be high, the article must be original and provide something to the reader.

Blog Links

These are links from blog posts. Like article links, blog links are common and the blog must have a high trust score in order for the link to count.

Comment Links

Contribute to other blogs to get this kind of link. Just be sure that your comments are actually helpful. Also, make sure that the blog has a high trust score.