Category: Social Media Marketing

The 12 Different Types of Links

You already know how important link building is to drawing relevant traffic and improving your site’s rankings in the search engine results. You might not be as familiar with the 12 different types of links that are out...

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Avoiding the Social Media Marketing Time Suck

The results are in. As an increasing number of professional services practices examine their social media conversion rates, they’re finding that this form of practice marketing delivers where it matters most and creates new...

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Practice Marketing Tips for LinkedIn Rookies

Out of the three major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), the latter is easily the most underutilized when it comes to practice marketing. There are a few basic reasons that so many business owners and...

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Using Social Media to Promote Your Practice

Social media is an incredible tool, and businesses of all types can benefit by using social media promotion. When people hear that, they often think that simply opening up a Facebook or Twitter account will get the job done....

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Leads vs. Referrals (Quantity vs. Quality)

When it comes to finding new clients, just about everyone who has spent much time in sales knows all too well how big of a difference there is between a well-qualified referral and a lead that is not worth the paper that it is...

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First, Establish Trust

Ask 100 good salespersons and the vast majority will tell you that making a sale is about establishing “trust” in the mind of the prospective client.  When you are attempting to sell something through your blog, for...

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