Category: Search Engine Optimization

The 12 Different Types of Links

You already know how important link building is to drawing relevant traffic and improving your site’s rankings in the search engine results. You might not be as familiar with the 12 different types of links that are out...

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Understanding Competitive KOB Analysis

While optimization techniques can boost your rank in the search engines, this doesn’t make much of a difference if they keywords you’re going after aren’t worth the effort. This is why you need to employ a...

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Traditional SEO vs Education Based Marketing

If you are like most professional service practitioners, your primary concerns are providing your existing clients with the service they need while continuing to grow your practice. Although we all know that online marketing has...

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Promoting Your Practice on Yahoo! Local

While Yahoo may have fallen behind Google and Bing in the competition for general search traffic, their roots in traditional online directories have provided them with a reputation for providing valuable local content. Yahoo’s...

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Building a Local SEO Foundation

While promoting your practice’s site directly with the Google, Bing and Yahoo is the primary focus of the Local Search Jump Start program, it is worthwhile to start off on your home turf to make sure that your website is as...

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